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“After being diagnosed with stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma, the fear factor was immediate. So much information on the Internet, where do you start, what do you believe, what works?

I had heard of the nutritional CBD pills (Cannamin) and my understanding was that it could stop the cancer from returning and allow me to live many more years than what the doctors had given me. I set out two goals: get the cancer stopped, and then go to Cannamin to keep it stopped.

After three months of immunotherapy the cancer had grown and now had spread to my lung. I then called the Telomin staff with some panic. I got some positive vibes and some hope. We got me started on their strongest doses. My next scan about 40 days later had no growth or any spreading!

I have continued with a different immunotherapy along with taking Cannamin. My next scan showed the cancer in my lung has dissolved and the other’s a significant shrinkage.

Of course, I am so thrilled and will continue taking Cannamin for a lifetime. Along with the CBD there are around 60 organic fruits and vegetables in the pills which has done wonders for my lone kidney which is now stable for the first time in years. Thank you Cannamin and their staff for giving me my life back.

- Dan Rodriguez


“What I noticed, within a few days, was a decrease in my reaction to loud noises. I had severe PTSD for the previous three years and had undergone extensive treatment (e.g. over 50 sessions of EMDR.) The difference is dramatic: someone bouncing a ball would trigger rage and panic because of the similarity to traumatic noise in my history. This cleared up in days, even though it had been a severe symptom for three years!

Other psychological improvements: an immediate brightening of my mood and a definite deepening in my sleep. My reliance on anti-anxiety herbs decreased by two thirds.

The first month, there was only slight improvement in my eyelid, but after approximately 5 weeks; the tumor shrank rapidly until it completely disappeared. The inflamed outer edge of the eyelid took another week or so to heal. I will continue to use Cannamin for another two months just to ensure that there is no return of the basal cell cancer.”

- PhD Psychiatrist dealing with basal cell cancer


“My mother was diagnosed with Metastatic Kidney Carcinoma about 8 months ago.This past June her oncologists told her she had about 2 months to live.

Soon after that we started her on Cannamin. She was very frail, losing weight, couldn’t walk up the stairs, and very confused in her thinking. She had visible tumors all over her body. After just a couple of weeks on the Cannamin she didn’t even seem like the same person. My mom had energy and began walking around her neighborhood daily. She is bounding up the stairs like a billy goat!


Her thinking became clearer. She is slowly gaining weight and we are so amazed that the rapid weight loss has stopped. All of her tumors from the chest down are gone, except for one. The tumors on her chest and we think she is detoxing the cancer there. She is in NO pain."

- Dr. K Kennedy daughter of Mom with Metastatic Kidney Carcinoma


“I took Xanax for my anxiety, two 25mg doses two to three times a day for 7 days a week. I hated how it made me feel. So, I started taking Cannamin, and it surprised me that I no longer needed Xanax.

I felt better and had more energy. I was no longer anxious, and I get anxious easily. From the moment I took Cannamin this stopped and helped me be at ease.

I get a lot of pain in my joints and muscles, and every time I went to see my oncologist, they would ask me how my pain level is. It was always a 6 – 9 level. It was when I went to the hospital again and they asked how my pain level was that I realized that I have not felt any pain at all for a while since starting to take Cannamin.

I recently found out I have Stage 4 cancer. I don’t know how I am dealing with the news, but I have a positive outlook, a better attitude, I am more focused, I have more energy, and I no longer get anxiety. With Cannamin I feel like I can battle this cancer."

- Sandra D.

“I’ve suffered with fatty liver disease and esophageal varies for a few years. I’ve been hospitalized many times and been on prescription medication for years. I have had constant stomach pain of varying degrees for quite some time.

I started taking Cannamin and in about a week my stomach pain was alleviated. I feel blessed to have discovered this remarkable product and I would highly recommend it to anyone. “

- Julie. P

"I am a 49-year-old male that has endured arthritis for a number of years. I smoked cannabis to deal (semi) successfully with the pain.

I have been on Cannamin for six months now and no longer feel the effects of my illness. I also feel increased energy, increased mental awareness, and overall increased sense of well-being."


- San Diego Patient





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