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TeloPet - Contains 11 Carboxy and other natural ingredients that are dosed for pets nutrition

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

What Is TeloPet?

TeloPet™ shows great promise in its use for improving your pets healthy lifestyle and overall well being with no negative side effects. TeloPet™ comes in a capsule form that can be fed directly or opened and sprinklered over their normal food.

TeloPet Potential Uses?

The European Journal of Epilepsy (based on animal studies) has shown that 11 Carboxy has anticonvulsant properties and fully supports 11 Carboxy as a therapeutic candidate for anti-seizure products.

TeloPet™ is currently the most promising product for clinical use for its low toxicity and high tolerability for other animals and humans.

All pet owner’s know that vomiting is a common occurrence in pets. Animal studies with lab animals have shown 11 Carboxy suppresses nausea.

Pets can suffer from anxiety and behavior issues such as separation anxiety or stress disorders.

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